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Established in Toronto in 2010 as anon-profit organization, the Toronto Spiritist Society sponsors the study practice and dissemination of Spiritism, as codified by Allan Kardec in its three foundational aspects: Philosophical, Religious and Scientific. We offer a port of consolation to all who come seeking peace in the communion of well-meaning thoughts and feelings, while living the teachings of Jesus in light of Spiritism.
Here is an invitation for you to visit us and see our work, as all we do is for love and free of charge!

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To all friends and volunteers of the TSS:


We're very happy to finally announce that the TSS will return to all it's in-person activities starting June 5. It's been a very tough period being away from all of you, but we feel that the time is ready for us to come together once again, to bring back our full sense of community. We hope that we will see everyone again in the coming days.


Thank you for all the support we continued to have during the pandemic. We are ready to welcome you back with open arms.


Jose Mussi, President

No upcoming events at the moment




Our younger generations are the promise of a better world and they need to be prepared for the trials that lie ahead from an early age. Activities return date to be confirmed. Stay tuned!

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261 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2G1, Canada

Back entrance via Drovers Ln

(647) 496-8010

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