Let's be Patient

“Let's be patient with everything that is happening in our existence.
Our impatience upsets the internal and external processes of Nature within us.
Patient acts and attitudes can change how we see and deal with conflict.
Let us remember that every problem contains within itself the seed of the solution.”

“The Pleasures of the Soul” - Patience

God is the obvious invisible

A tale says there was an illiterate Arabian man who prayed every night with so much fervor, and with so much tenderness that once the rich chief of a big caravan asked him:

Why do you pray with so much faith? How do you know God exists, if you cannot even read?

Sir, I know about the existence of our celestial Father because of His signal.

What do you mean? Asked the chief, surprised.

The humble servant explained:

When you get a letter from someone who is far away, how do you know who wrote it?

By the handwriting. He answered.

Problems of the World

The world has plenty of gold.
Gold in the soil, in the sea, in the coffers.
But gold does not solve the problem of poverty.

The world has plenty of space.
Space in the continents, in the cities, in the fields.
But space does not solve the problem of greed.

The world has plenty of culture.
Culture in education, knowledge, and opinions.
But the culture of intelligence does not solve the problem of selfishness.


All the powers of the soul are confined in three words – to will – to know – and to love.

To will, that is to converge all the activity, all the energy toward the aim to be attained, and to develop will power and direct it.

To know, because without profound study – without the acquaintance of things and laws, the thought and the will can lose themselves in the midst of forces they seek to conquer, and the elements they aspire to command.

The Spiritist Center

The Spiritist center, even the simplest one, is a temple of mind renewal towards a superior life.

Its practitioners and attendees should not forget about the dignity of the task received and the elevation of their ministry.
In this regard, it is always lamentable to doubt the divine essence of each task performed therein.

Light of God

A stained-glass window is illumined when the sun shines through, and its brilliant colors glow in a magic dance of light.

The human soul, though made up of superior elements, will only reach fullness when permeated by divine clarity.
Like a sparkling diamond, the human soul also becomes a shining star when perfected through suffering and dedication to the service of others.

Your Book

Your life on Earth is the book you are writing...

Each day is a page...
Each hour is a statement of your personality in the form of people and situations that reach you.

Do not lose the opportunity to compose an odyssey of love around your name.
Good works are phrases of light you address to humankind.

In each reply to others, in each gesture towards your neighbours, in each manifestation of your opinion, you write the history of your passage with eternal ink.

Personal Problems

Living faith is not transferable property.
It is a personal conquest.

Legitimate happiness is not merchandise that can be borrowed.
It is an inner realization.

Grace does not descend from heaven at random.
It has to be earned.

The best charity is not that which is done by substitutes.
We must perform it ourselves.

Moral strength is not the result of others pleading for us.
It comes from our own effort to take stand on the side of goodness.

The Company of Love

If you love you are never alone. Love and knowledge are treasures the more you share, the more you have. Nobody who loves, or teaches, suffers from want. Love is like a crystal mirror; it reflects both lover and life.

Love is responsive; you are the first one to benefit each time you send out a vibration of love. As far as love is concerned, you must give in order to receive.

Love is our most precious investment; it pacifies and ensures joy and peace. Love does not complain, does not impose. It is patient and promising.

Permanent Tolerance

To be tolerant to the faults of others is to acknowledge our own weakness thrown back to us through the mistakes of others. We must understand that everybody needs a chance for self-renewal. Tolerance also dispenses with the harsh criticism that poses as friendly help.